TYPE: suburban

LOCATION: 21, Kolokotroni & Mykonou street, Kefalari, Kifissia, Attica

PROJECT: total building renovation and structural reinforcement, architectural & interior design, furniture design, urban surveillance mechanisms design, id creation & branding

DATE: 2001 - 2004

DESIGN CONCEPT The carcass of the old stone building, which used to house the hotel ‘Acropol’, had to be preserved. The intervention consisted of emptying the interior, in order to construct a new basement, rearrange the intermediate floor slabs and reconstruct the double-pitched roof to include a strip of skylights in the middle. The skylights mark the long axis of the building. The endpoints of the axis are defined by two new elements: an elongated U-shaped-glass volume housing the elevator on one side, and a metal fire exit staircase on the other.

All the furniture has been custom-designed by the architects and are packed with program and doubling-up functions. The five ‘mezzanine’ rooms unfold in two levels, right under the roof, each with an operable skylight over the bed area.

A wallpaper art piece, 3 meters high by 60 long, was designed especially for the hotel, by artist Georgia Sagri. Each room bears a section of the wallpaper on one wall, while a miniature print of the whole wallpaper can be found in the reception, to allow visitors to choose their room based on the section of the wallpaper they prefer.

A. Vaitsos, M. Doxa, C. Loperena, K. Gudsell, E. Zambeli, Z. Tsermou
M. Kyriazis
N. Bartsakoulias (EL.TE.ME)
G. Papadimitropoulos
J. Karlopoulos