TYPE: private vacation home | rural

LOCATION: Antiparos, Cycladic Islands, Greece

PROJECT: new house and exterior spaces

DATE: 2018 - 2021

On a steep west-facing slope, with uninterrupted views of the aegean sea, dominated by a single cedar-tree shaped by the north wind, ‘H4B’ is designed as a summer holiday place for a large family. The residence respects the landscape and fits harmoniously into it, forming an enclosed backyard with direct access to the cedar’s area. It consists of an L-shaped encaved area that includes some bedrooms and an art studio. It also includes the main building with the master bedroom in a cantilever and the common areas on the ground floor and the basement. A two-bedroom little “tower”, as well asan underground independent guest house complete the synthesis.

M. Doxa | T. Mikdashi
M. Chantzopoulou
M. Kyriazis
G. Kaonis
Outside | E. Papadimitriou
M. Doxa